Access Centre  (Alternative Resource Provision)

Mission Statement

The Access Centre will work to ensure that the education learners receive is tailored to meet their individual needs and designed to give them the skills to improve their life chances. It aims to place and support the reintegration of learners into full time education in school, further education or employment.

The development of learners’ personal integrity, self-esteem and citizenship is central to all work


The Access Centre works with young people, parents/carers, mainstream schools and other partners to deliver the following aims:

We undertake to:

  • Develop learners’ educational and personal potential in a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment
  • Make good progress in learners’ learning
  • Prepare learners for successful reintegration into school, further education or employment
  • Develop learners’ personal integrity, self-esteem and citizenship
  • Identify and change aspects of behaviour that are contributory to difficulties experienced in school
  • Ensure equal opportunities in relation to gender, race, class, special needs and beliefs
  • Develop a mutually supportive relationship with mainstream schools in the development and delivery of effective strategies to support behaviour
  • Value and respect all cultures
  • Provide a safe and happy work place
  • Promote a thoughtful attitude towards the immediate and wider environment


The ethos and atmosphere underpin the agreed aims of the school. Teachers provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which will develop the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for future learning. All staff, including support staff, work to remove barriers to learning and support the pastoral needs of learners. In the course of their work, staff will contribute to the development of this ethos through:

  • Providing a calm, quiet and effective working environment, in which each learner can achieve his or her maximum potential
  • Providing a welcoming environment, in which courtesy, kindness and respect are fostered
  • Providing positive role models
  • Providing a fair and disciplined environment, in line with the Whole School Behaviour Policy
  • Maintaining purposeful and informative planning, record-keeping and assessment documents, in line with the school’s record-keeping and assessment policy statement
  • Effectively managing their professional time
  • Developing links with the wider community
  • Providing learners with meaningful, purposeful tasks, related to the
  • National Curriculum and Opening Minds programmes of study and
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Valuing and celebrating learners’ success and achievements
  • Reviewing personal and professional development.
  • Providing appropriate CPD and training and support from colleagues in order to ensure a high level of professional expertise
  • Welcoming and supporting teaching and non-teaching staff