Birthday Surprise For One Of Our Original Students!

30 Nov, 2018

On Friday 9th  November the School Council visited the home of Lilian Davis to surprise her on her 93rd birthday. Lilian was one of the first students to attend the then new, Eastbrook School in the 1930’s.

The Council  took a copy of the original register from the late 1930’s with Lilian’s and her classmates names on it. She was very delighted as she had lost her previous copy.

The students who represented the school  were Ieva Maliaukate , Leena Kanhye, Juma Shikdar, Samuel Ratford and Idris Razzak all from Year 9.

Whilst  there they talked to Lilian about her school life and how it is different to now. It was a great opportunity for them to see her and they really enjoyed it. Particularly as they were able to tuck into some great party food that the family had provided!

We are hoping to soon again see Lilian when she comes to the brand new Eastbrook School for a tour to see how things have changed.

Article by: Juma Shikdar, Leena Kanhye and Ieva Maliuakate.