More Able – Criteria for HAP / More Able / Talented


High Ability Students (HAPs)

At KS4.  This group contains students who have KS2 data which places them in the top 25% in the country. This is currently indicated with an APS of 30 or more.

They will be tracked across the curriculum. It is essential that they are tracked separately from the group below as the school is directly accountable for their performance


More Able Students (Mables)

Primary students who are ‘exceeding’ or achieving ‘greater depth’ will be deemed Mables.

This group contains the HAPs, students whose KS2 APS is between 29 and 30 and the students without data who are performing at the level expected of HAP students. This will be indicated by analysis of tracking data.

Where key stage 2 data consists of scaled score HAPs cannot be identified. More Able students can be identified based on scaled scores (108+), target APS and their MidYis score.

In the 6th form students achieving 45+APS or 5+ will be deemed Mables


Talented Students

This group contains students who show aptitude in a particular area of the curriculum. The emphasis is on enrichment and opportunity.

They are not tracked across the curriculum – relevant HODs should track their performance in their subject area.