Numeracy at Eastbrook School

29 Nov, 2018

Hi, thanks for reading here, this is a brief update on the work going on behind the scene with Numeracy at Eastbrook School.  Please come back again after Christmas to hear about the impact of all that has gone on.

> The students across all year groups will be taking part in a Christmas Numeracy quiz in the penultimate week before holidays.  Prizes will be presented in the Christmas assemblies.

> The PE and DT department have been leading on developing a glossary of all the Numeracy opportunities students have in their respective faculties.  This will then roll out to all staff to showcase not just PE and DT, but all the different ways that students are numerate across the curriculum.

> Watch out soon, there is going to be a fortnightly Numeracy quiz on the website, where our students can take part and win prizes.

Thank you.

Mr A Khan
Deputy Headteacher