Numeracy at Eastbrook School – Updated March 2019

28 Mar, 2019

Hi, thanks for reading here, this is a brief update on the work going on behind the scene with Numeracy at Eastbrook School.

> Students across all year groups took part in a Christmas Numeracy quiz in the penultimate week before holidays. Please see below for the list of winners and come back soon for the poster for the up-coming Easter numeracy quiz.

> Please take a look at our curriculum summary to find out more about how numeracy is taught every day at Eastbrook in every lesson. (can you then make this a link to the curriculum summary)

We have a termly Numeracy quiz on the website, where our students can take part and win prizes.

Thank you.
Mr A Khan
Deputy Headteacher

Eastbrook Christmas Numeracy Competition 2018

Competition Winners 2018

Year 9
9E winners; Samuel Ratford, Priya Garg & Jia Kaur
Runners up 9A; Maryam, Luminata & Shoayba

Year 10
10O winners; Lennon, Debby
runners up 10D; Jannah, Anika

Year 11
11C winners; Naifullah, Justin, Asaad
11D runners up; Chloe, Fadil, Amar

Yr 7 champions are 7O
Sultan, Ceryl & L’Jae

Yr8 champions are 8T
Zeye and Fatema

Easter 2019 Numeracy Competition