Reporting the Reporters

08 Nov, 2018

The Eastbrook Newsletter was established in the autumn of 2014. Its mission has been to report on interesting events that have taken place in the school community. This might involve trips and visits but also might celebrate the sporting or academic achievement of individuals or groups. We have also celebrated the work of our staff.

In the last few years we have increased the amount of content generated by students. This term we plan to hand over editorial control to a group of student reporters who will have responsibility for a section of the newsletter. They have been asked to find stories that would interest the wider audience of students and parents – but maybe stories that come from a student perspective and deal with issues relevant to students in Dagenham in 2018.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Meet the team: (from left to right) Samuel Ratford, Juma Shikdar, Leena Kanhye and Tia Robertson.