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Login Details

Centre ID: RM107UR ( new since Sep 2013)
Username: Your date of birth followed by your Initials (e.g. 150693JS)
Password: Default password is the same as username (e.g. 150693JS). The password can be changed by the user.


Eastbrook VLE

Username & password = same as your school user account.

Login details: You will need a ‘Group Code’ from your teacher to create a
account the first time you visit the site.






GCSEPod App 2.0 is now available – download it now by visiting the APP STORE – GCSE App Release Poster by Mr Saleh

Need help creating your account – read this simple user-guide

GCSEPod Login and password set by user (should be same as school login)

Bitesize doesn’t require any login details.

General Login: ( Lets you access all the resources on the website)
Login: eastbrook
Password: twelve (new password since Sep 2014)

Individual login details: (given by your maths teacher to access homework)
Login: (three letters)
Password: (three numbers)

Centre ID: eastbrook  Username & Password:  Given by maths teacher.