Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

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The Eastbrook SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Department views all students with special educational needs and/or disabilities as individuals.  It is the responsibility of the Inclusive Learning Team to ensure that the statutory support requirements of individual students are met and that all staff are able to share the responsibility for developing styles of teaching and learning which benefit all students, ensuring success within the National Curriculum and nationally accredited qualifications at the appropriate level.

Click here to read: Eastbrook SEND Information Report 2018

The SEND Department is located in the main school to which Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and Teaching Assistants (TA’s) are based in this area, which is a focal point for students and staff.  TAs work with individuals and groups of students with the highest levels of SEND and in subjects that reflect their experience and qualifications. These students are allocated to a TA/keyworker.  All students with SEND are monitored by the SENCO to track progress and provision.

Students are encouraged to “drop in” to tell staff about successes, as well as concerns or queries about homework.  Dealing with an issue quickly avoids an escalation of anxiety or frustration.

The department is a busy area where staff offer a range of interventions, small group teaching, 1:1 support and it is the teaching base for the year 7 Nurture group for English and science. Computer based reading interventions take place for year 7 and the laptop groups also work in the area.

Students are encouraged to communicate with each other and with students from other year groups. The opportunity to chat to peers and staff provides time for promoting social skills and interaction.  Students can also catch up with homework, use the computers or play chess and other games.

In Speech, Language and Communication (SLCN) Provision – we have a dedicated team, providing specialist teaching and therapy which addresses each student’s speech and language delay and disorder.  We have a supportive environment within three classrooms which offers a wealth of visual resources and displays supporting learning within a small group setting.

The Access Centre (SEMH Provision) is a multi-purpose facility for a variety of activities, ranging from traditional lessons to technology and catering.  Outside there is an open space which currently contains a greenhouse and gardening facilities to run enterprise projects.  Within this area all aspects of life skills can be taught.  Students shop, cook, carry out other household tasks and can also have travel training.  Some students make their breakfast/lunch here and come at break times for social interaction.

Extracurricular Activities

At lunchtimes the ARPs/SEN run: homework clubs / social clubs

There are a variety of activities run for the benefit of the students in various areas some examples are listed below:-

SEND students

  • Homework is a key issue for students, parents/carers and staff.  Students can have support at breaks and lunchtimes.  All students with SEND are encouraged to come to homework club on Tuesday and Thursday 3.00-4.00pm.  TAs are available to offer support as well as finding out what tasks were set when students don’t remember!  All students are expected to complete a literacy task for 30 minutes/day as well as 30 minutes of MyMaths once a week.
  • The Chess Club meet on Wednesday lunch time and after school. Students frequently have the chess boards out during other breaks.
  • After school revision sessions are in place for year 11 students in maths and science.  Students who are supported in lessons are encouraged to attend.  TAs also support the Saturday sessions for year 11 students.
  • There is a “Dungeons and Dragons” club for older students which meets in S13.

SLCN ARP students

  • Homework clubs take place in SN2 lunch break and after school Monday to Thursday
  • Social club at lunch break

SEMH ARP students

  • Computing
  •  Safe haven
  • Homework Club – break and lunch break

Contact with the Learning Support Department can be made as follows:

Head of SEND Secondary – SENCO – Ms D Pop
Email – popd@estbrookschool.org.uk
Tel no – 0203 780 3609

Head of SEND Primary – M Yeaman
Email – yeamanm@estbrookschool.org.uk
Tel no – 0203 780 3609

Speech & Language ARP Manager – Ms D Pop
Email – popd@eastbrookschool.org.uk
Tel no – 07982 812475

Access Centre SEMH Manager- Mr S Davids
Email – davidss@eastbrookschool.org.uk
Tel no – 0203 780 3609

Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion – Mr P Jackson
Email – jacksonp@eastbrookschool.org.uk
Tel no. – 0203 780 3609

Headteacher – Paul Frith
Email – headteacher@eastbrookschool.org.uk
Tel no 0203 780 3609

Requests for information about SEND, including visits, should be made through:
Mrs C Thorn
Tel no – 0203 780 3609