Working in Partnership

We welcome feedback form all our students’ families through the OFSTED parent view survey system. Click here for a direct link.

At Eastbrook School we work in partnership with families to ensure the best educational opportunities for our students. This involves:

  • Regular reports and updates on progress in all subjects
  • Parent /Carer evenings where subject teachers and pastoral leaders are available to discuss each student’s progress in detail.
  • An Academic Achievement Day, each September, to establish yearly targets and an Academic Review Day, each May, to review progress against those targets.
  • Individual meetings as requested by the school or the family where concerns may arise.
  • A highly valued Awards Evening, each March, where achievement and attainment is celebrated.
  • A regular newsletter which shares news and achievements from across the whole school.
  • A key worker is allocated to all students with additional educational needs to ensure regular contact between home and school.
  • Access to a wide range of information for parents / carers and the community through the school website.
  • Daily text messages sent to all students who do not report for morning registration and where no contact has been received from the family with a reason for absence.
  • Extended support for families through the Local Authority promoted system of the Common Assessment Framework; co-ordinating support from a wide range of agencies.